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Hanukkah Sticker Pack [Holiday 2023] (Set of 6)

Hanukkah Sticker Pack [Holiday 2023] (Set of 6)

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Illuminate your creativity and capture the spirit of Hanukkah with our specially curated Hanukkah Sticker Pack. This collection is designed to add a touch of joy and tradition to your holiday crafts, scrapbooking, and festive projects.

🕎 Festive Designs: Our stickers feature a delightful array of Hanukkah-themed designs, from menorahs and dreidels to sufganiyot and Star of David motifs. Each sticker is a vibrant celebration of the holiday's traditions and symbols.

🕯️ Versatile Use: Whether you're creating custom Hanukkah cards, decorating your scrapbook pages, or adding a festive touch to your journal entries, these stickers offer endless creative possibilities.

 🌟 Key Features:

  • 10 pages of captivating planner stickers
  • Unique, hand-drawn designs
  • Perfect for planners, journals, and other creative projects

 🎉 Make this Hanukkah a season to remember with our Hanukkah Sticker Pack. Share the love and tradition of this beautiful holiday with your friends and family through your heartfelt creations.

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