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Neutral Palette Functional Box Sticker Book [EVERYDAY LINE] (Set of 6)

Neutral Palette Functional Box Sticker Book [EVERYDAY LINE] (Set of 6)

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Elevate your planner with the Neutral Palette Functional Box Sticker Book, your perfect partner for organizing and beautifying your planning journey. 📔✨

Designed for the pragmatic planner in you, this sticker book combines aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. Each sticker in this collection serves a specific purpose, ensuring that your planner doesn't just look beautiful but also becomes a highly efficient tool for your daily life.

Embrace the neutral palette aesthetics, allowing you to create a clean and sophisticated look in your planner, regardless of your style. These stickers are meticulously crafted to elevate every page of your planner, transforming it into a canvas of organization and beauty.

Discover the perfect balance between form and function with the Neutral Palette Functional Box Sticker Book. Elevate your planning experience and add a touch of elegance to every entry, note, and task. 🖋️📆

📖 Perfectly Functional for Every Planner Our sticker book isn't just about aesthetics – it's about elevating functionality. We understand your passion for organized planning. Every sticker in this collection is designed with a purpose. Make sure your planner isn't just beautiful but also optimally functional.

This sticker book has 25 pages of hand-drawn planner stickers including:

  • 25 pages of functional paper planner stickers


  • Features original fashion illustrations
  • 5.75"x9.5"
  • Exclusive art for this book
  • Fits into most planners and journals, preferred with our own "I Can & I Will" Planner or Happy Planner
  • Professionally printed onto high-quality sticker paper
  • Packaged neatly in a clear cello bag
  • Shipped from the USA
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