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New York City Planner Sticker Pack [Rongrong City Series] (Set of 6)

New York City Planner Sticker Pack [Rongrong City Series] (Set of 6)

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This sticker pack is part of the Rongrong City Series. 

City's Heartbeat on Paper

Dive deep into the magic of the Big Apple with our New York City Planner Sticker Pack. Take in the excitement of the New York skyline, the energy of the bustling streets, and the iconic sights of Times Square. Every sticker tells a unique story, allowing you to capture the essence of New York on the pages of your planner, journal, or scrapbook. Whether it's for reminiscing about past visits, dreaming of future ones, or celebrating the city's vibrancy, these stickers encapsulate the spirit of New York.

Masterful Artistry by Rongrong DeVoe.

Witness the masterpiece created by the acclaimed artist Rongrong DeVoe and her team. With her signature touch, she brings to life the iconic symbols and landmarks of New York in vivid hues of yellow and black. The meticulous details and dynamic color palette transport you to the city's streets, parks, and towering skyscrapers. Experience the artistry that makes each sticker a keepsake. Our New York City Planner Sticker Pack offers 10 pages of unique and captivating stickers, each capturing a different facet of the city's energy and culture. Whether you're a New Yorker at heart or simply drawn to its allure, these stickers are sure to add flair to your creative projects.

  🌟 Key Features:

  • 10 pages of captivating planner stickers
  • Unique, hand-drawn designs
  • The delightful blue and red color palette for a touch of Chicago enchantment
  • Perfect for planners, journals, and other creative projects

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